Don’t take our word for it

We are really proud of the servcie that we offer and the fact that we know so may of our clients persoanally, take a look at some of the things they have to say about us

Three years ago we responded to an email asking us if we had ever thought of an App for our school? This triggered a meeting with Peter and Stuart, which led to the launch of our App and unexpectedly the overhaul and relaunch of our website.

Both the App and the website seemed such a mammoth task at the time. Where to start? What to include? How to operate it? It would be fair to say we had ‘no idea’ but we are so grateful that we came across Idea Farm and believe me they had lots of ‘ideas’. From the initial contact which was met with warmth and a genuine desire to help rather than to sell, we felt comfortable to ask the most basic of questions knowing that they would always be treated with respect, courteousness and the ability to respond in language/terminology that we could understand.

The level of service received from Peter and Stuart was second to none and continues to be so. No problem is too great or too small. It is reassuring to know they are always there and will respond promptly if not immediately.

We are privileged to feel we are in a partnership with Idea Farm and there is a mutual interest to support each other’s development. Questions such as ‘Can I?’, ‘Can we?’, ‘Is it possible?’, ‘Do you think?’ are always met with a willingness to investigate all possibilities and inevitably the answer is ‘Of course you can’.

There is no doubt that if you are looking for the complete package; value for money, customer service and the personal touch, you have no need to look any further than Idea Farm.

We are confident if you choose to work with Peter and Stuart, you will not be disappointed. We certainly haven’t been! To the contrary we have always been delighted!

When you recommend a service to a colleague, you have to be sure the service will be good, because if it’s not, the first person to be challenged will be you, and with it your reputation and the trust you may have worked hard to establish over time.

Actually, it’s probably safer and easier to say nothing or to be non-committal…..

So when I tell you about the excellent quality of service my school has received from the team at Idea Farm, I’m investing a little piece of myself in this recommendation.

But believe me, the investment is worth it:

  • The way the team showed patience and genuinely listened to us in order to understand what it was we really wanted for our school
  • The level of expertise and skill and the quality of the work shown in the development of our bespoke project
  • The ongoing support and help that continues to be offered so that we can make it even better
  • All in a very personable, easy-to-understand and friendly way.
  • Totally professional and really easy to work with.

The school website more than meets expectations, and with their help we are learning how to improve it as much as possible by ourselves.

My school depends on strong partnerships delivering mutual support and offering value for money. Idea Farm have helped us through a genuine learning process and have given us a great website and the confidence to move it forward.

So I am confident from my own experience that working with Idea Farm is a decision you will also be glad you made.