What we do

We create brilliant digital products in partnership with our clients that deliver real change and value

Schools now market themselves as a companies need to. We can help deliver that brand in the digital space to make sure that what your school stands for is represented correctly online

Developing great digital products is about understanding what our clients really need then using proven technologies to deliver a future proofed solution within a budget that makes sense.

Any digital product lives and dies on the support. We back up all our products with robust support & maintenance contracts which means you can relax.

Security is important in any digital products but this is especially true within the education sector. All our products are built from the ground up with student security at the forefront.

Our product development

We can provides schools and colleges with their own smartphone app solution, using our inhouse purpose built school app platform Group Comms or launch a full bespoke app.

Websites are still of huge importance for schools in delivering their messages to both prospective and current students and parents.

As the world becomes more mobile progressive web apps will be become more and more important to schools & colleges. We are keeping at the forefront of this change with our products and services.

Our Work

Just a taste of what we have been doing lately

Reigate College

Reigate College needed a way to let students and parents easily see their timetable, attendance and reports. Reigate use a custom built MIS system so ideafarm developed bespoke importers to map their data into the app Read more…

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