Idea Farm design, develop and manage School Smartphone Apps and Websites

With over 100 schools and counting

School Smartphone Apps

Our apps provide unlimited push notifications. Notifications can be sent to whole school, to groups or to individual users (subject to the users logging into the app with a user name or passsword). Consider the savings on your current messaging facility.

School Websites

We include an extremely advanced control panel, allowing users to quickly & easily customise the content. These options are intuitive, powerful and best of all, fun to use!

School Planner Apps

Our planner apps are functional products aimed at bringing students in to the 21st century with a digital planner. This includes integration with the MIS held timetable and the ability for students to write notes against lessons. The student can set reminders within the app. The school can send an individual student or groups of students push notifications, reminders and alerts.